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DPF hacking part three

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Time flies! We had the full standalone firmware running for a while, but just didn’t get around to publish it.
It’s nice to see that plenty of people are actually using this hack on their linux powered sat receivers, dreamboxes, etc.
Less nice to see, that people do mods, but don’t contribute back. Didn’t exactly motivate us to release the most recent fun stuff. But anyhow, we give it another go by kicking out another 0.200 developer release. This contains the raw framework only. No games, and no fun stuff. Although one most wanted feature comes with it: no more waiting for the device to go in bluescreen mode to be ready for lcd4linux.

Here’s a package with the ready built firmware:

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If you have successfully managed to get the hack to run on one of your DPFs, then you’ll likely be able to determine your DPF type (blue, white, etc.).  If you don’t, you’ll have to do some trial & error. Just flash the entire .bin image to your DPF using ProgSPI.exe or For detailed instructions, there are various readme files in the source distribution.

To obtain these utilities or checkout the current source, see links in DPF hacking part two

VNC DPF client demo

There’s some fun stuff in the next box, really. The 1.0 firmware will have support for a full remote display based on the VNC protocol. For efficiency, the 1.0 protocol will not be compatible with the current SCSI command emulation. So for all programmers: Don’t access the DPF directly, if you want to use future versions. Use the dpflib only!


One last note: We’ve come across a few pre-flashed Pearl units sold on ebay for a 3x price. Guys, that simply is lame. If we wanted to make money, we’d have done that way earlier.