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ICEbearPlus end of life notice

Part sourcing has become a challenge for many hardware makers doomed with volatile and small production numbers.

Due to some sources being depleted until further notice, alternative ways had to be followed that introduced quite a few extra costs and some yield issues that weren’t fun to watch (yes, we’ve come across fakes). Therefore, the last batch that is regarded ‘sane’ is now being sold out, after ~17 years of service.

This means unfortunately for customers without particular service contract:

  • No more replacement units available
  • No more software updates

Also and obviously, these last units were on a MOQ basis and PCB only, meaning, they are formally sold as component or replacement part, as there is currently no plan to keep units on stock to cover for warranty time.

This means, in a warranty case (which have occured very rarely so far), that:

  • You return the broken unit for examination (valid until end of 2023)
  • It is likely to be repaired/fixed and not replaced in whole

Note that voltage excess (fried USB I/O) is not covered by warranty.

After all, I’d like to express my thanks to the faithful customership coming back every now and then. I’ve been glad to be of service, and (remembering famous literature): So long and thanks for all the fish!