We at section5 have a lot of experience with the Blackfin architecture. Among other things, we are proud to have contributed to the GNU tools:

  • gas/nisa rewrite in 2004
  • In Circuit Emulation JTAG debugger for GNU toolchain (ICEbear/ICEbearPlus)

Due to decreasing requests, only the flash tools are currently maintained with the default ICEbear hardware.

Until end of 2022, all free Blackfin support for ICEbear customers will reach end of life.

For recent updates of Blackfin flash programmer drivers, see BFloader driver downloads

Analog Devices has announced end of life of uClinux support for the Blackfin BF5xx family. Therefore support for these platforms is going to expire, see above notice. You may still get further help on these topics:

  • Reverse Engineering and Failure tracking
  • JTAG reprogramming, bulk programming solutions
  • Realtime camera systems and smart sensors based on Blackfin ADSP
  • Migration of legacy Blackfin designs to newer platforms
  • Blackfin uClinux and uboot legacy development and customer support

Board supply package support

Board supply package support for third party (end of life) products:

  • BF537 EZKIT
  • Mesa Imaging SR4000/SR4500 camera
  • Other Blackfin based uClinux cameras (BF561, BF537)

Further Resources

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