ICEbear Plus


ICEbear Plus

The ICEbearPlus and the BFloader software are the tool for Blackfin based system bulk programming.

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The ICEbearPlus adapter is a FT2232H based high speed JTAG solution.

It is mainly used for flash programming of Blackfin based platforms using the ICEbear flash tools (BFloader).

You might want to add the ICEbear flash tools to your basket as well when purchasing this item.

Please make sure before purchase that the flash of your target is supported by BFloader.

If you are unsure whether your flash is supported, feel free to contact me with the flash specification. When you have made a custom modification such as a GPIO->WP wiring or bank switching extensions, an additional custom driver development is necessary.


  • Price includes the software license for the ICEbear flash tools which may not be subject to VAT (the software is available as Download only). Please leave a note in the comment field if you wish to have hardware and license costs listed separately.
  • Support can only be provided for existing flash drivers and the above tools. Other legacy software (Insight debugger) is no longer supported
  • Limited OpenOCD support, please only use with OpenOCD on known-working platforms only.
  • Custom flash driver development or automated programmingĀ  solutions are not included and are offered on a per-case basis



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