ICEbear Plus


ICEbear Plus

The ICEbearPlus and the BFloader software are were the tool for Blackfin based system bulk programming.

This product will fade out end of 2022 and will no longer be supported, except within a service contract.

Small batches with lead time up to 8 weeks can be produced from 2022/08/20. Feel free to queue a pro-forma order (web orders only) and ignore payment notice. You will be contacted with a definite price, availability info and ETA.

All related documentation material is found in the documentation section.


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The ICEbearPlus adapter is a FT2232H based high speed JTAG solution.

Please make sure before purchase that the flash of your target is supported by BFloader. You will need to have an existing copy of this software.


  • No cables included. A USB 2.0 capable shielded A-B standard cable is required, length up to 3m.
  • Price includes the software license for the ICEbear flash tools which is not shipped, thus not listed on the item packing list of the shipment
  • The hardware only value applies for returned adapters with existing software license (serial number provided)



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