netpp node v0.1


netpp node – a Spartan6 FPGA networking platform for custom processing, measurement and control applications

  • Control your hardware via a transparent network property protocol on top of UDP (TCP optional), like:
  • Run safe with a well simulated/covered bare metal system. Make sure your program never fails. Guard malfunction by hardware watchdogs that can go into failsafe mode in critical environments.
  • Evaluate (pins up) or plug-on (pins down): Power supply option via pins and USB
  • Future compatible by FPGA technology: Rewire your pins, or get a complete new peripheral/feature
  • API Support for Labview, Python, C/C++, Java
  • Full SDK and simulation environment available as add-on

Find more resources here:

  • Getting started: [ netpp Windows quick start ]
  • netpp node fact sheet [sdm_download id=”1422″ fancy=”0″]
  • netpp HOWTO: [sdm_download id=”1350″ fancy=”0″]
  • Firmware update: [sdm_download id=”1532″ fancy=”0″]


In stock


  • Integrated high speed UDP stack (zero-copy, multi user)
  • dagobert network SoC with various configureable interfaces (SPI, UART, PWM, I2C) and pin multiplexing options.
  • SDK: GCC, GDB hardware debugger on-board
  • Up to 6 analog I/O channels with ‘analog population option’
  • Piggy backs onto a custom I/O PCB using two 2×16 pin headers [ Note: Order without ‘up’ header ]
  • In-Field upgrade option (reprogramming of user images via network)

The default firmware runs a fully functional netpp stack for remote control and measurement.

Order variants

This product is available in various variants:

  • No ADC and headers: Populate your own
  • ADC10 5 channel and headers pointing UP: Default eval kit option
  • ADC SD16 differential option with UP headers: Alternate eval kit option
netpp node eval kit variant (headers up)
netpp node eval kit variant (headers up)

Example applications

  • Process control (digital PID regulator), PLC emulation
  • Modbus RTU gateway to UDP
  • Networked LED stripe control
  • ‘Network scope’: Real time data acquisition and output into VCD

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 4.5 cm
ADC type

ADC SD16, ADC 10 bit SAR/5Ch, No ADC


Populated pin header (up), No header populated


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