ICEbear tools (BFloader)


This virtual package contains:

  • The BFloader v.1.41 legacy software release (Support up to Windows 7)
  • BFloader v.160 update including support for Windows 10


The ICEbear tools software package contains the graphical and CLI flash tools for standard SPI and CFI compatible flashes. It is supplied as pre-licensed add-on to an existing ICEbear purchase.

By ordering this package, you will receive a download link. Note that:

  • The software license is bound to an ICEbearPlus unit only
  • Usage with other adapters may cause problems or the software may cease to work at any time
  • Improper usage of the software is not covered under any warranty

The following software versions are contained in this package:

  • v.160 beta: Windows 10 support BFloader
  • v.141: Legacy BFloader (up to Windows 7)

Changelog for v.160:

  • Driver updated, signature added, new installer
  • Slight restructuring of backend/flash drivers


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