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iphone camera dissection

From DealExtreme, I got these tiny iPhone camera modules (sku.16945) and was hoping to get the specs, but no luck. So I thought, why not sacrifice one.

iphone camera module with lens removed
iphone camera module with lens removed (false colors due to IR lighting for better visibility)

The heat gun melted off the lens in no time. Scratching off the last bits of plastic dirt reveals, as the rumours suggested:

  • It’s a SOC2020 or MT9D112 sensor (Aptina), respectively SpecTek WXMK15A in a special package
  • The sensor is protected by a glass layer
  • The bond wires are connected to a ceramic carrier
  • The ceramic carrier is directly soldered onto the flex

Unfortunately, the sensor pinout is still a secret, and I still don’t have an iPhone myself to probe. Perhaps it’s time for some good guessing?

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