MJPEG streaming camera bit file for HDR60


Bit file for HDR60 MJPEG streaming camera reference design.

This bit file turns the HDR60 eval kit into a MJPEG streaming camera, allowing to stream Motion JPEG video with very low latency to a video receiver client software, such as gstreamer.



This reference design is based on the default configuration of the HDR60 with a MT9M024 sensor head.

You need a copy of the Lattice Diamond programmer software to download this design into your eval kit.

Find detailed information on how to run the streaming demo in the ‘dombert’ overview:

[sdm_download id=”1343″ fancy=”0″]


By this virtual purchase, you acknowledge:

  • To use this file for evaluation/demo purposes only
  • To deal with occasional drop outs and glitches when changing sensor parameters



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