MaSoCist evaluation docker container


MaSoCist ‘virtual machine’ docker container for building/configuring virtual and real System On Chip solutions


This container distribution is now hosted at:

and is no longer maintained here, downloads are disabled. If you wish to sign up for more information about support and documentation, you may still order this package.


The MaSoCist build system docker container is a virtual environment to configure, simulate and build a fully functional CPU and peripheral setup without the need to install much software or make intrusive changes to your host OS. It can run on Linux and Windows, likewise. For Windows, you will need to follow the specific instructions.

It is provided for free, under the following conditions:

  • Non-commercial deployment: play around, but expect no support
  • Commercial environments: You are required to comply to the OpenSource agreement listed in the README of the masocist distribution (masocist-opensource-v0.* directory). Bottomline: You either must publish your changes or sign up for a custom license package.